Saturday, May 2 2015

NYC May Day March, 2015 - Participants

marchers at may day nyc 2015

There's a group for seemingly every cause, people from seemingly everywhere gathered in one place to make a statement. Another observer described it as "like the character select screen from Street Fighter out here." 

There are signs in all languages. One chant drowns out another. It can be overwhelming, since it seems like there are just too many causes to care about. It's also a good reminder of just how diverse this city is. 

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Saturday, May 2 2015

NYC May Day March, 2015 - Observers

Man documenting the May Day March long 2nd Avenue

The NYC Marathon brings the best out of New Yorkers, who cheer on passing strangers toward what they're striving for. The May Day march brings out the opposite sentiments towards those strangers.

I heard myriad murmured complaints about the marchers (scum, thugs, liberals)  and the causes they were championing (stupid, pointless, useless), but the most frequent was over the inconveniences that an exercise in civil disobedience inflicts upon an evening commute – and on a Friday!

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Monday, April 6 2015

A Short-lived Ed Snowden Statue in Fort Greene Park

The Snowden statue story was a bust. By 1pm, all that was left for reporters to cover was an empty pedestal and scattered, departing detectives.

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Sunday, March 29 2015

Lead Generation

FDNY paramedics strategically parked their ambulance smack dab in a bike lane to encourage cyclist calamities and develop new business while they stopped for coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company's location on Flushing Avenue. I was in coffee shop working when I saw them ditch the vehicle here. 

REQUISITE DISCLAIMER: I respect the FDNY's work and general heroism.

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Wednesday, March 25 2015

Surfers Thereza & Matej

couchsurfers Matej and Thereza

I came to realize I don't document the interactions I have with the surfers who crash through this pad.

I've taken head-on snaps of previous surfers, some friendly semi-stagey shots. I've taken no good candids showing the things that make hosting random strangers worthwhile. So, mid-conversation, while we were playing "Whose Country Has More Problems?" I excused myself to retrieve a camera then came back to my spot on the floor. 

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Tuesday, March 24 2015

Emergent Artisinal Flavors 2015: Seafood Ice Cream

neon sign fried chicken restaurant bed-stuy

Seafood Ice Cream is one of those emergent artisanal flavors forecasted for trending in Spring 2015, right?

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Tuesday, March 24 2015

Subway Sleeper

He was asleep when I got on at 86th Street. He woke up when they called for 59th street, packed up his pad, and got off the train. 

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