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Thursday, July 3 2014

Storm's Comin'

woman and child looking at storm clouds subway

Friday, June 27 2014

CRT to the CuRB

CRT in trash heap

I remember having a monitor just like that. Mine was a 19" Sony Trinitron that, at the time around the year 2000, changed world by declaring it flat and not curved, like all the montitors were in those times. 

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Thursday, June 26 2014

Pigeons at Breakfast on Gates Ave

pigeons eating seed bed-stuy brooklyn

Far from the station's entrance, where the suspended platform bridges Gates Avenue and Broadway, a section of screen in the boarded walls reveals the streets below. It's just short of a perfect prewalk location for later exit at West 4th street, after transfer to the M. From here I can look out at rooftops in the neighborhood instead at the tracks. 

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