Tuesday, March 24 2015

Emergent Artisinal Flavors 2015: Seafood Ice Cream

neon sign fried chicken restaurant bed-stuy

Seafood Ice Cream is one of those emergent artisanal flavors forecasted for trending in Spring 2015, right?

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Tuesday, March 24 2015

Subway Sleeper

He was asleep when I got on at 86th Street. He woke up when they called for 59th street, packed up his pad, and got off the train. 

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Sunday, March 22 2015

Couchsurfer Lydia

couchsurfer packing up

Lydia, from Germany, surfer of my IKEA KARLSTAD for three nights, was in NYC to participate as a lead delegate in the model UN at the actual UN. 

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Friday, March 20 2015

How I Spent the Vernal Equinox 2015

snow window kava schteeble

Spring just sprung about 10 minutes ago. Earth experienced the equinox at 6:45pm. 

From when I arrived up until about an hour ago, a gal'd been sitting next to Shirley Bassey in that yellow chair. She'd just moved to NYC from Saint Louis, was very chatty. I was trying to get my work done. I politely engaged in conversations when she would initiate them about every 10 minutes.

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Saturday, March 14 2015

While I'll be Looking East from Byzantium, They'll be Looking Down at Their Phones

Museum patrons staring at smartphones

I had been wandering through the Met museum to two hours before going to a concert.

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Thursday, March 5 2015

So That Others May Eat in Comfort: In Praise of the NYC Restaurant Delivery Guy in Winter

An under-appreciated hero of NYC, the Restaurant Delivery Guy risks life and limb to deliver food for meager tips when others find it too cold, snowy, dangerous, inconvenient, or [insert your excuse here] to go outside. These were just a few of the delivery workers I saw yesterday on my walk to the office. 

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Thursday, March 5 2015

Surfers Aran & Logan

Aran and Logan are traveling and working together from the road. They're partners in a graphic design and web development business, hopping from one country to the next to stay ahead and out of visa troubles.

They were only here for a night. I wish them all the best in what's ahead.

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