Monday, July 20 2015

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The J/Z/Laundry Line

A pink leopard print bra or bikini top on train tracks

My hat's off to whomever disrobed at the Gates Avenue station. 

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Monday, July 20 2015

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Barebacked and Buying Cigarettes

A couple of chatty crustbros walked in Bedford Gourmet Foods, their conversation a debate on water quality. Eventually they decided the water upstairs was "chill." That being potable, not necessarily cold. They didn't need to buy any bottles down here in the deli and resolved to leave. 

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Thursday, July 16 2015

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Mic Check at the United Nations

I spoke at the UN today. I mean, I said some things into a microphone during a conference at the UN. I mean, I didn't really contribute anything to a discussion that had little to do with international politics, but still, I sat here and mumbled a thing that other people also in the safe conference room in the United Nations complex heard.

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Tuesday, July 14 2015

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Heartfelt Illustration of a Wishing Well on a Wall in Manhattan


This is part of a mural on the side of a school around Hudson Square, in Manhattan. 

It's such an anatomical depiction of a metaphoric heart. I think the illustration is saying "when making a wish, put your heart in to it, and do it Mola Ram-style." 

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Sunday, July 12 2015

On the topic of: Debris, Detritus, Shirts, Street Life, Unanswered Questions, Williamsburg, Wire

Polo Shirt Still Entangled on Barbed Wire

Polo shirt on barbed wire

This shirt has been hanging on this wire for over a year now. It's evidently a well made shirt and that is evidently some tenacious wire.

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Sunday, July 12 2015

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Garbage Bag Over Hydrant

The leaking fire hydrant is covered with an empty plastic bag

The folks working at the community garden down the block tap into the fire hydrant on the corner to water their plants. Where their hose connects to the hydrant, it leaks. The high water pressure from a hydrant makes even a small leak sprays water everywhere, so the gardeners cover the hydrant with a large plastic bag, previously filled with topsoil, now empty, repurposed to control the spray. This doesn't stop a leak.

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Friday, July 10 2015

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Roberta's Secret Stash

At the heavily secured Roberta's [Frozen] Pizza compound in the former Pfizer building on Friday afternoons, the Roberta's crew sells fresh pizzas right out of the oven to the other tenants. 

Unlike at the Bushwick location, there is no two hour wait here for a pie. It takes 10 minutes from ordering to eating. And there is no line to order at all. As I have my studio space in Pfizer, I exploit this opportunity.

However, there's no seating available at the Pfizer outpost of Roberta's, you have to eat lunch at your desk.

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