man on phone waiting for laundry

Doing Laundry

Wednesday, November 4 2015

I am washing my shoes. He is drying his clothes. We are both waiting.

Residents are within at the Gates Patchen Housing Development

Those Little Lights Inside

Monday, November 2 2015

So many of my neighbors are at home?

A well-lit doorway on Patchen Ave

Darkness Out, Lights Up

Monday, November 2 2015

Daylight Savings Time, which ran out yesterday, is blasphemy against the natural order, but I do like seeing and being in evening light.

An expert tailoring or alteration underway at Rodriguez Cleaners

Seven AM to Seven PM

Monday, November 2 2015

The tailor is in.

Rain on the window, focal point on the glass

Endlessly Raining, Like, All Day

Wednesday, October 28 2015

The sound of rain makes for solid sleeping, steady slumber. Both I need sorely.

Somebody's underbags up above.

Boxers on a Branch

Tuesday, October 27 2015

A pair of boxers has been hanging in this tree for three days. 

A standardized sign, original in this window

Alterations by Hand

Thursday, October 22 2015

This seamstress is ubiquitous.

Young Girl and Older Man at Gates Ave Brooklyn

Toepicker and Eyeballer

Wednesday, October 21 2015

He was staring at her, then around, then at her, then around again.

TRUMP IS A MONSTER says the sidewalk on Spring Street at 7th Avenue


Tuesday, October 13 2015

The sidewalk across from the Trump SoHo, on Spring St., offered its opinion on the Donald.

A street level "Lure" sign on a wall in Hudson Square


Monday, October 12 2015

I don't know what this is selling me, but I can't resist giving it my attention. 

Man atop a ring, under a Krown.


Monday, October 12 2015

Perched on a ring, close to a Krown.

Signage and scrawl on a work site wall

Pampered Growth

Monday, October 12 2015