J Train at Kosciusko Street

Stop, They [Over]shootin'

Wednesday, August 31 2016

"Partner, we a Z."

A man examines an electric scooter

Empty Scooter

Saturday, July 30 2016

I wonder, when I see the machinery typically used by elderly folks curbside for pickup, that someone isn't utilizing it because they're no longer alive.

Reward Sign for information on Tony Hinton's murder

The Murder of Tony Hinton is Still Unsolved

Tuesday, July 26 2016

Two years ago, they shot Tony Hinton dead on this Patchen Avenue corner on a Friday afternoon. NYPD still has no idea who they is/are. NYPD mark the anniversary by pointing this out. 

Chocolate bars in a deli meat cooler

Chilled Chocolate

Sunday, July 24 2016

Recent days of 90-plus degree heat probably make for ambient temperatures inside a deli lacking air conditioning that would melt any and all chocolate on their shelves.

Men practice self-defense technique

No Stabby Stabby Dance

Sunday, July 24 2016

It seems an impractical lesson. From what I hear in the news these days, usually the white dude has a badge and a gun.

Woman with IKEA laundry bag

Creepin' at the Superclean

Friday, May 27 2016

I meant no harm but am aware I caused discomfort.

observing the crossing at Cafe Du Monde

NOLA in the Springtime - Day 7

Saturday, May 14 2016

At 10:30, I tell myself I have plenty of minutes remaining to do the last minute things I think I can do, and bolt out the front doors of the hotel.

Man catching a couple minutes at DrupalCon

NOLA In the Springtime, Day 2: Meanwhile, at DrupalCon

Monday, May 9 2016

I'm here for the Media & Publishing summit.

Scratch cards and morning strolls.

Scratchin' and Strollin'

Monday, April 25 2016

On Quincy Ave, in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.