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Sunday, October 26 2014

Exit Music

dunvagen archiving workstation

I started this gig in 2010. After 38,241 scans and a whole lot of sorting, my work on the Philip Glass archive is done. I turned in my keys to the Dunvagen office tonight.

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Friday, October 17 2014

Paved with the Best Intentions

sign under bqe treat city as your own

Well, there's your problem. 

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Friday, October 17 2014

Spoiler Alert: I've Found Nemo

finding nemo at the gallery

I've you've been waiting to see the movie but haven't, know that you could find Nemo at the gallery.


No need to search the high seas.

Sunday, October 5 2014

Extra Polishness in Greenpoint Today

woman watching greenpoint avenue brooklyn

There are men on motocycles with Polish flags flying from both their handlebars. People are driving through the streets waving red and white banners with POLAND on them. I have no idea what's going on. 

I came to Greenpoint with the intent to eat Polish food at a Polish restaurant for the sake of general hunger, but each one of them is packed and even the less popular joints have a 45 minute wait for a table. Across the street from the original restaurant I'd intended to visit, a woman was observing the bikers and their flags from her window. 

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Tuesday, September 30 2014

Street Meat

giant dirty dong sidewalk nyc

I love NY for these moments of disinterest and inaction. This dirty dong has been sitting on the sidewalk since Saturday. Nobody's paying attention to it, and if they are, nobody's about to do anything about it. Specifically what to do about it, I don't know. Play hackey sack with it? Slip it in a Goodwill donation slot? Give the dog a bone to chew on?

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Saturday, September 27 2014

Muddy Pfootprints in Ye Olde Pfizer Building

muddy bootprints on tile

I'm intriguied by these muddy bootprints on the tile because:

  1. Somebody does the same thing I do when thirsty: rides the elevator to Floor 4, takes a sip from the fountain, walks back to the elevator. (We don't have a water fountain down on Floor 3, where my practice space is.) I feel a connection here.
  2. There's no nearby source of mud. 

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Saturday, September 27 2014

CouchSurfers Don't Take NYC Pizza Seriously Enough

Japanese eating pizza williamsburg

I've brought Satchie, my 7th surfer in the past month, out to Anna Maria in Williamsburg. Like the Russians I had earlier this month, Satchie hadn't yet had a slice of pie in NYC.

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