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Thursday, March 27 2014

A Passenger Through the 2 Train

A passenger waits for the uptown 1 train

While waiting to catch the train downtown to get from Medidata HQ to PG Inc., I was wondering:

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Thursday, March 20 2014

At the Supreme Court of the State of New York

You're out of order! You're out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They're out of order!

– Al Pacino, in some movie.

I was called for jury service today. I was recused and did not have to sit through and vote or whatever on the outcome of a trial. They accepted my wholly legitimate excuse that I'm self-employed and thereby would not recover the lost wages from not working while I listened to what I could have just as easily watched on some rerun of Law and Order.

On the topic of: Brooklyn, Courts, Jury Duty, Law

Wednesday, March 19 2014

Urban Outfitters Declares: Williamsburg Officially Suburban Now

(Outlines of) writing on the wall

On my way to work from my laptop at my local third-wave coffee shop with free WiFi, I spotted these guys setting up the signage for what's to be a five story warehouse of appropriated subcultural artifacts sold to tourists and post-condo build neighborhood inhabitants as authentically sourced from Brooklyn signifiers of cool, and took a photo with my prosumer point and shoot camera. 

On the topic of: Brooklyn, Construction, Gentrification, Hipsters, Laborers, Williamsburg

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