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Wednesday, August 6 2014

Going Out at Night While I Stay in Somewhere in Jersey

glowing hotel signage

This is not my hotel's sign glowing in the night. This is the hotel across the street's sign glowing in the night. I am at a budget hotel. There is no lighted sign on my hotel to glow in the night.  

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Wednesday, August 6 2014

Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love Keeps Your Beer Cold and Fresh

fat man bike tires beer store love

My trip to New Jersey has had the intended effect. I took a moment for myself. I slept. I relaxed.

I'm on my way back to NYC now. I have a dinner meeting to get to at 5pm. 

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Tuesday, August 5 2014

Made It: Sunrise at the Jersey Shore

feet in sand sunrise

Made it.

I drove through the night and arrived in Seaside Heights at 5:20am. I checked in to the hotel, unpacked the car, and was on the beach at 5:45am to see the sunrise nine minutes later. 

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Monday, August 4 2014

Hitting the Road, But After Practicing Rudimentary and Stupid Photography

long exposure composite roadside construction zone trailing lights

After dinner with Ma at Lulu's, where our waitress recognized me as a regular from my college days, and sorting through the client tasks that amassed while I was preoccupied with Life Itself, I began the drive back to NYC.

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Monday, August 4 2014

The Point At Which I Am Inclined To Gasp, But Don't

Somewhere after 5pm, we got to see my dad. It looked like they'd cut his head off and reattached it using a staple gun. He was breathing through a tube through a gaping hole in whatever the name is for that divot of a place below your neck, between your clavicles. It was one of the most horrific and miraculous things I've ever seen.

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Monday, August 4 2014

As We're Waiting in the Family Lounge at Montefiore Hospital

mother on couch hospital waiting room

My mother had been camped out in the lounge since 5am. That's when she and my dad arrived. He went off to surgery prep at 5:30am.

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Sunday, August 3 2014

Nightcrawling in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, on a Sunday

Laundromat storefront at night

The birthday festivities over, my parents have gone to a hotel near the hospital to prepare for Dad's early morning surgery.

My way to process things was to take a night drive in and through and out of the city. And while there, wander quiet, empty Pittsburgh streets with a camera.

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