Visit to Pap and Grandma's, August 2009

Though a bit wobbly, Pap (91 y.o.) still manages to get around OK.

First stop: the hotbed, for baby lettuce.

Rabbits and groundhogs did a lot of damage and caused a lot of frustrations this year.

Grandma came out with plastic bags.

August 3, 2009

"I don't get around so good anymore," Pap said. "My legs are all wobbly."

Since I started coming over with the books and magazines in which I've been published, as well as those fine newspaper articles that mention me by name, Pap has been slightly more receptive to me walking around with a camera. Maybe he just likes it.

Among many other things I went home with a bag of fresh green beans. Unfortunately, mroe for the bee than me, I got half stung by a cold bee while picking them. Its fate will be far worse than mine.

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