Back Issues of Deek Now Available at Drastically Reduced Prices!

September 21, 2009

Free as ever and all in in one place, you can get your back issues of Deek at Construction Junction for a limited time only. 17 different Incidents! 595 pounds of free inky newsprint! Thousands of copies for you and your family! All you can read! All you can carry! Everything Must Go!

At one point it seemed like these may have been of some value as back issues, when we thought our magazine was headed towards success. After 3 years, they had no place in the market, no relevance to the need-news-now reader, no reason to keep taking up space my apartment.

I tried to unload issues in places I visited around the country. I asked bands to drop them off when they went on the road. But for all that chiseling away I hardly ever made a dent in the pile. Last year I gave away about 100 when I spoke at the Creative Careers thing at CMU. I just don't speak enough for that to be a reasonable distribution plan. That route would take another 10+ years until completion.

More importantly, it's just time to move on. 

I kept a few issues for myself. I made a little box of one of every issue, like a Collector's Edition Limited Box Set. I made a box for showing to prospective clients or employers, like a thick curriculum vitate. I saved 20 of each issue for an archive, like an ark, just in case. Maybe I'll have a lot of visually literate grandchildren.

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