On Compulsively Buying The Likeness of the Cloven-Hoofed Prince of the Underworld seen in a Chinese Grocery Store

The Edible Devil

October 16, 2009

At Lotus, my favorite local pan-Asian grocery store in Pittsburgh, I spotted an entire box of these. Desires beyond my control drew me near. I bought three for something like 49¢, and ate one. 

Field Notes:

  • Suggests the potential to channel the forces of evil by consuming it, rendering one powerful enough to hold dominion over the will of men, binding and controlling all things, limiting nothing to the grasp of one's desires
  • Tastes like a bland water chestnut

Sadly, this is but a mere a water caltrop, or horned water chestnut, or Jesuit nut, or ling kio, or ling chio, or ling kok, or ling jiao.

I will file this under: Things I've bought to eat but will probably never eat again.

Did you ever find out what in heaven or hell this thing is? I had a similar experience in a Korean grocery, actually Google searched for it and stumbled on your awesome blog. It's totally keeping me awake at night, not knowing.

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