Sad Batteries

November 25, 2009

I anthropomorphize my batteries. I feel bad for them. What good are they? They never last. It's almost not worth the trouble to install and use them at the rate they expire. They'll quickly give what energy they carry to let me change channels or swing a virtual sword at an octarok or two, and die.

They're not name brand like Energizer or Duracell. They're not quite generic. There's no mark of pride on the casing. No seak of craftsmanship. No sign they came from a maker proud of its creation. They're an unknown at best stamped with a non-descript, all-encompassing name like Universal Electronics.

I can't guarantee that they won't deliver power but I can, from experience, expect it. For doing the job they're meant to do, there are better options. Why bother with these? And why can't I just throw them away without feeling guilty? I know they want to try to do what they're here for.

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