Seneca Lake, May 17, 2010

May 18, 2010

Clare, whose parents own the place, dropped in for the weekend along with BBS's main squeeze whose name is that of a month in which I was born. These shots are of them in our studio area, which, if I haven't mentioned already, is pretty spectacular. 

I'm working from the attic, or loft, or whatever you call the upper portion of an open A-frame house. I find two things unfortunate with this: the heat and the light. It gets very bright in the mornings and very hot during the day. The heat from the day carries into the night and I frequently sweat myself to sleep. I shant continue to dwell on the negative. There's a lake down below and I can see it clearly, beautifully, all day long.

I picked up the Yamaha HS50m monitors while up here. If I'm going to make music I should rightly hear it correctly. Sure, it adds to my national debt but things are looking up in the future. Paying it down is plausible. There's something to be said for UPS in that they managed to get things delivered almost to my doorstep. The packages ended up at the empty house next door as a result of confusion with the addresses of this place. I heard 3 different numbers for the house and two different streets, all of which seem to be close enough. 

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