Seneca Lake, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010

We did some preliminary cleaning this morning. Many bugs were swept up, much lingering dog hair from the owners amassed, and garbage and recyclables collected and prepared for carrying to the city.

Since I was swept up in the activity of sweeping I went to the front porch to clean out the spider webs and leaves that accumulated there. I grabbed the door mats with the intent of beating them senseless and, in yanking, uncovered a young toad resting in one of the divots in the concrete under the mat. What an oddball place for a toad to hang out. Surely it was a bit damp, it was close to bugs hovering around the lights at night. But under a rug on a concrete porch, right at the doorstep? Oddball. 

I set him near the back porch and encouraged him to find someplace cool. He obliged a few moments for this snapshot.

I consider him to be auspicious, as a toad near a house is always a good sign of life and protection. He's also the third toad that's literally crossed my path this month. The first was on our trail walk, a month old most likely, the second a larger one trying to cross the road late at night while we drove home. None gave me any troubles when I picked them up, as toads are wont to do. I think they knew I meant them no harm.

I'm glad none of us squished the little guy. We wouldn't have even known about it until picking up that rug. Hopefully he's not eaten by the snakes I've befriended.

While I'm thinking about it, I would like some clarification on what this shelter actually is. I am sure it's a chalet, but that sounds like it belongs in the Alps. I'd call it a cabin, but it's not so rustic. I'd call it a cottage but it doesn't seem so humble.

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