Thoreau-in' It All Away

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May 2, 2010

Friends and lovers,

I've taken a trip to the country. I'll be gone for all of May. I'm living in a cabin on Lake Seneca in upstate New York. My first-world luxury lifestyle affords me the opportunity to rough it for a while. I'll be writing music full-time for the month, talking to spirit animals and burning bushes, and hopefully coming down from these mountains with tracks of truth and righteousness.

Through a string of fortunate coincidences, I've recently wrapped up all major projects with art:product, and the business will go on the back burner for the month. This isn't to say clients and work will be ignored; a cook knows good sauces are made on this particular burner. I'll still be accessible if anything were to go awry. Just call me and give me a little time to work things out.

I'll resume the regular schedule in June, with a couple of official announcements of those major projects and a new, updated 

I won't have stable internet access. I'll try to update here when I can.

If you need to get in touch with me please use old fashioned email, which this site will handle for you.



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