Hi Ho.

April 30, 2011

I'm hauling a portable lighting rig to the Upper West Side today for a shoot. Long opposed to taking taxis because, I don't know, I think they're for lazy people who don't want to walk or bike, I've been debating my position.

To haul this gear down into a subway platform, drop it while waiting for the train, pick it up and get on a train with it, drop it while I ride if there's room, pick it up and and then carry it out of the stop and to the destination is a lot of work. It's hard on my body and wears my arms out, making them a little shaky, before I get to shooting. That's not good. But I'm no wimp, right, so why am I complainingI want to complain.

To validate my desire to complain I've done a weigh in with the gear on my back. I'm hauling 78 pounds of gear. That's it. I'm not going to complain. I'm either driving or taking taxis to these jobs now. I hate to add costs for my clients but I'm going to start charging cartage fees to cover the time and cab fare or time and parking.

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