Williamsburg Bicycle Fetish Day 2011

Dance party!

Dance party!!

Dance party!!!

the business name is Vespertine. They sell reflector vests cut like club wear. Kinda sexy.

All the old dudes were asking to take a photo with this girl.

Have to respect her for managing those heels on those pedals.

some dudes flyering, trying to get people to strip for June 11th.

My vote went to the replica bike on a bike bike.

The judges had to deliberate hard on the winner of the best in show bike.

But the win went to the velvet chariot.

Random bent bike flowerpot on a lamp post.

May 8, 2011

The Seventh Annual Williamsburg Bicycle Fetish Day was a really, really happy little block party. There was a best shiny bike competition, best beater bike competition, best family bike, best vintage, etc. I was on the prowl for the kink, as always. I expected to see, like, vendors of bike porn DVDs and lewd acts being performed on, by, and to bikes. I didn't.

The party is on just one block but it's the block right in the middle of the hood's north and south divide. We've got Puerto Ricans on the south side (just like the neighborhood), hipsters on the north side (just like the neighborhood), and a dance party with everybody in the middle of it all.

A little more discussion on the event on nevertellmetheodds.org here.

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