Two Abandoned Gas Stations along Route 80 near Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Eastbound on I80. I've just turned the car around.

Signs for Heckman Gap and Jones Road.

To the east, traces of an Exxon.

The station is just a heap of rubble now.

A big hole in the ground.

A shed on the property has fallen into disuse. Or maybe semi-use.

Someone has slept here.

One garbage can remains.

To the west, an abandoned Citgo.

I'm assuming that single huge rock was intentionally placed there.

The station is overgrown.

The windows are intact but for one.

Signage says this closure is only temporary, but I've not seen the station open in years.

Pumps are still in place.

For diesel.

Someone else has arrived.

The seat covers suggest to me I'm better off hitting the road.

September 18, 2011

I'm right about here on the map. From the highway it's pretty clear that two gas stations sit in dilapidation right off the exit. I've felt obligated to stop and take a look for a while but always skipped it – there was always a lack of time or light.

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