Drone Activity in the Valley of the Condos, Williamsburg.

drone activity sign

"Drone Activity in Progress" sign on Wythe Avenue.

February 18, 2012

A few weeks ago I'd read about an Army veteran and photographer who'd been putting up signage from the NYPD that, while fake, was ominous and yet highly plausible. Whoever is putting these up is brilliant. The "Authorized Drone Strike Zone 8am-8pm" shown here is even more hilarious and scarier.

This "Drone Activity in Progress" sign on Wythe Avenue, which could very well be true, is one instance. And that's to say drone activity could be happening as policing via military aircraft or as the action of hipster crowds leisurely and absent-mindedly consuming all they survey through this swanky Brooklyn neighborhood. Maybe the latter interpretation is me just reading into it through my lens of general discontent.

I was one of the lucky few civilians to become an involuntarily test subject when the Pittsburgh SWAT put the LRAD to use for crowd control at the G20 summit in 2009. Having experienced that, I don't believe drone monitoring is far off in the future, or anything but inevitable.

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