February 12, 2013

The apartment is empty while I'm between roommates. I let two CouchSurfers crash at the place. Joreen, from Singapore, and Sarah, from Korea, stayed for two nights.

They were on a tight budget for the trip and pretty evidently suffering from exaustion. Feeding them seemed like the humanitarian thing to do so I bought them dinner tonight. The menu featured slices of pizza like the Chicken Ceaser from my local favorite, Anna Maria Pizza and Pasta, served family style, and frozen yogurt from 16 Handles.

After dinner I gave the ladies a ride into Manhattan to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. They were bound for Toronto. They met at a hostel there a month ago and they've been traveling together since. Both are hoping to stay long-term in Toronto.

They said it's a twelve hour ride from here to Toronto on Greyhound. That sounds awful.

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