Celebration of Self and/or that KAWS show at Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea

November 9, 2013

I stopped by to see the KAWS show at Mary Boone and to give a shout (and onigiri from Ashbox) to Lucy. For as long as I stood in the space it seemed nobody was actually looking at the work before they posed in front of it for posterity and Instagrams. Dozens of people came and did this.

Some French bastard was pushing people out of the way to get a clear shot of his daughter in front of the two-figure sculpture. Then he was lying on the ground to get a wider shot. I couldn't tell if the work was inspiring this sort of fervor and social disregard or if this was just him being French.

Interesting crowd. I don't remember seeing a similar scene at Frieze, where Gallerie Perroutin had KAWS works on display.

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