Penn Avenue Streetscape in the Rain Lit by Incandescence

December 5, 2013

This is the storefront of the International Children's Art Gallery on Penn Avenue in Garfield. The rain and the darkness created a beautiful scene and a technical challenge: How to shoot this without getting the gear wet and how to prevent myself from shaking (the camera) as I shivered in the cold.

Beyond that there's no story here, I just like the look of the wet, dark asphalt; warm, diffused lighting; cool, blue paint.

The photos look a little crooked to me. I thought about trying to make corrections. I then thought it's better to show the scene as I saw it. Neither the building nor the street is straight.

Update on 20140120:

Katy DeMent, the artist who created the lamps wrote to me:

Thanks for capturing the warmth my lamps create amongnst the cold wet winter notes on Penn ave. they are all handmade paper coated with raw local bees wax , come by and smell them in my studio space generally open on First Fridays during UNBLURRIED.

Katy is a professional paper maker. She also teaches classes at Phipp's, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Society for Contemporary Craft.

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