Window in to What Used to be Ace Athletic

December 1, 2013

When I look at that slight card table in the middle of the open space, it makes me envision images of Pompeii. There was no Vesuvius here at Ace Athletic, only a liquidation of assets. Yet, I see this scene is an archaeological find.

What's preserved is mundane now, but in a thousand years, would somebody say "Look at how they lived!"? Probably not. They'd probably be asking in Mandarin anyway.

Clearly somebody had a meal here. One drank Pepsi, the other A&W Root Beer. A fork and pack of mustard remain. We can assume they ate and talked in the middle of this very large room. Why not a in break room or other part of the building? Why in such clear view of passersby?

There's a Post-It® note on the chair likely meant to remind somebody of something, maybe ownership or where the chair should go when everything is finally cleared out.

Look at how they lived!

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