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A note from Joan and Jackie

A note from Joan and Jackie

May 25, 2014

I had two CouchSurfers, Joan and Jackie, drop by for a night. They were two gals coming in from New Jersey to attend a wedding in Prospect Park. They didn't want to drive from Jersey directly to the wedding, since the hours of travel might wear on makeup and wardrobe. So my still-in-shambles apartment served as their dressing room and waypoint and hotel for the day and night. 

When I wrote to Joan after she sent me a couch request, I let her know I had plenty of space, but was soon moving to a different neighborhood than what I had listed in my profile. Friendly folks, as CouchSurfers often are, she responded by offering a dining table and four chairs she had to spare. Joan hauled the furniture in her Mini Cooper and now I don't have to eat off the floor anymore.

They took off early Sunday morning, probably because I didn't have blinds up to stop the sun from waking them at dawn, leaving a note behind on the air mattress. 


Thanks so much for the CS! (You were a great first experience for Jackie, BTW.) 

Good luck in your new apartment and if ever in my area...

Joan + Jackie

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