Sugimoto's Dioramas Book from Lucy

MURICA is acceptable for addresses

USPS respected this spelling of America, but corrected the ZIP code.

polar bear hungry for snow corgis

An Inside joke on the front cover

pages from Sugimoto book

A page from the book

June 2, 2014

Lucy, who dreams of getting a FUCK YEAH, AMERICA tattoo on her arm, sent me a gift. Her gallery had work from Sugimoto on display and, as part of the deal, books of the photographer's work as well. She sent and I received the Dioramas book.  

With some effort and patience, I retrieved the package that contained this book from the purgatory of the Bed-Stuy branch of the US Post Office. I'd stopped in there three times before, when lines of other persecuted mail customers were longer than an hour and their collective agony made the air heavy and toxic with emotional contagions. This afternoon, a task dedicated worker was posted at the Parcels window and I was able to pick up the book after a mere 15 minute wait. I then walked to Kava Schteeble to flip through it.

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