Nightcrawling in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, on a Sunday

Laundromat storefront at night
Restaurant back door at night
Entrance to drug store at night
Grocery store storefront and parking lot at night
Restaurant roof LEDs in Red at night
Restaurant roof LEDs in Green at night
Restaurant roof LEDs in Blue at night
Long exposure of LED color rotation created a white light
Residents watch a baseball game in their living room
August 3, 2014

The birthday festivities over, my parents have gone to a hotel near the hospital to prepare for Dad's early morning surgery.

My way to process things was to take a night drive in and through and out of the city. And while there, wander quiet, empty Pittsburgh streets with a camera. The streets are quiet most days of the week, but on a Sunday, after 10pm, they're almost entirely barren of noise and life. 

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