Dragging My CouchSurfers on a Brooklyn Pizza Tour

russian girls about to eat pizza slices

Two slices at Anna Maria to start

russian girls about to eat pizza slices

Digging in, but dignified in doing so

Outside Two Boots Williamsburg

Outside Two Boots Williamsburg

russian girls about to eat pizza

One cornmealy Two Boots slice, just for the experience

Outside Best Pizza

Outside the assuringly named Best Pizza

russian girls about to eat pizza

One hybrid Best Pizza slice, semi-traditional Italian, semi-traditional NYC

russian girl with sicilian pizza

Anna approaching a Spumoni Gardens slice

russian girl with spumoni

Natali discovering spumoni

spumoni gardens half tray

Outside L&B Spumoni Gardens

spumoni gardens half tray

Home of endless, perpetual pizza joy.

September 14, 2014

A day before they were to head home to the motherland, my CouchSurfers, Natali and Anna, revealed they'd not yet had a slice of real New York City pizza.

"We had pizza in Chicago," they said. Like that counts.  

I did the responsible thing and hauled the ladies around to four different spots for five different slices on Sunday. There were time constraints, so I doubled up a walk through my previous neighborhood of Williamsburg with the pizza tour, hitting Anna Maria and Best Pizza, my two old standbys. We went to Two Boots so they could try an alt slice. After a drive down the BQE, we ended the glorious improvisational tour with a Sicilian half tray at the glorious L&B Spumoni Gardens in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

Expressing extreme delight, especially for Russians, after that last slice, they were still only maybe half as excited as I was about all that pizza.

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