New Orleans, Day 2: Sunday Morning Service at St. Louis Cathedral

mass in progress st louis cathedral

The sign urges you to respect the holy house, to not eat hamburgers or use flip phones while mass is in progress.

tourists pictures inside st louis cathedral

Before the bishop even made it out the door, tourists were up and taking pictures.

ceiling art at st louis cathedral

The view from my pew of the ceiling. Service was over when I took this shot.

bishop and attendants outside st louis cathedral

Outside the church, after mass

November 2, 2014

For the sake of my grandfather who departed earlier this year, I dropped in for Sunday service at St. Louis Cathedral. I've not been to a mass in 15 years. 

New Orleans, being so historically Catholic and superstitious with Voodoo, takes its Feast of All Saints (Nov 1) and Feast of All Souls (Nov 2) seriously. While I'm no longer a Catholic and I never took up Voodoo, I reckon it can't hurt to get in on the prayer package being sent up this weekend. 

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