Juno in NYC, Day 1 - The View from SoHo, Manhattan

young woman snow selfie in soho nyc
empty streets snowy soho juno nyc
empty streets snowy soho juno nyc
man shoveling snow in soho
man snowblower in hudson square
Woman blindly navigates the sidewalk.
January 26, 2015

I left the office early to better prepare to panic at home later. Juno's coming, they said. Two to three feet of snow between now and tomorrow, they said. I brought the good camera along today and took a long walk towards the Canal Street J stop. I'd hoped along that way I'd see things of interest, bedlam or its relatives, erupting.

This afternoon's lines for the Holland Tunnel were long like the ones on Friday nights. Aside from that rush of people, all trying to get out right now, most of what I spotted were empty streets, suggesting people are staying in. The regularly irritating streets of SoHo were without the presence of tourists, making them almost pleasant to walk.

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