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Cyclists slide into the auto lane to pass a FDNY ambulance parked in the bike lane.

March 29, 2015

FDNY paramedics strategically parked their ambulance smack dab in a bike lane to encourage cyclist calamities and develop new business while they stopped for coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company's location on Flushing Avenue. I was in coffee shop working when I saw them ditch the vehicle here. 

REQUISITE DISCLAIMER: I respect the FDNY's work and general heroism.

BUT STILL: This parking job forces cyclists (who with pedestrians make up 25% of total traffic along this stretch of Flushing Ave.) into frequently speeding auto traffic.

I talked to the paramedics on their way out of the coffee shop - outside, so to not cause a scene inside - to ask why they parked in the bike lane. That conversation, which expectedly went nowhere, ended with "Thanks for the lecture."

"Anytime!" I said, and went back inside to my work.

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