Garbage Bag Over Hydrant

The leaking fire hydrant is covered with an empty plastic bag
Water not directed through the hose runs off onto the sidewalk and into the street
A wide view of the community garden
July 12, 2015

The folks working at the community garden down the block tap into the fire hydrant on the corner to water their plants. Where their hose connects to the hydrant, it leaks. The high water pressure from a hydrant makes even a small leak sprays water everywhere, so the gardeners cover the hydrant with a large plastic bag, previously filled with topsoil, now empty, repurposed to control the spray. This doesn't stop a leak. This contains the spray of water that otherwise would soak those who would walk past. The water that trickles down the folds of the bag, that doesn't make it into the hose, and finds no usefullness, runs on to the sidewalk, flows down to the street, then into the sewers.

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