Mic Check at the United Nations

July 16, 2015

I spoke at the UN today. I mean, I said some things into a microphone during a conference at the UN. I mean, I didn't really contribute anything to a discussion that had little to do with international politics, but still, I sat here and mumbled a thing that other people also in the safe conference room in the United Nations complex heard.

I was at the United Nations for the Drupal NYCCamp conference on Drupal, an open source content management system. This blogski runs on Drupal. I've built a lot of Drupal sites for clients, mostly non-profits and arts and small businesses. I manage Drupal sites for a larger international company as my day job. Surprise! My type of photography doesn't generate enough income to survive in NYC. More importantly though, the UN's site runs on Drupal, so I guess that's why they're cool with inviting the community who builds with Drupal to drop in and talk about it.

Again, I didn't really say much. I diplomatically complained about the limited options universally available for shareable, streamable video – the Great Firewall of China renders YouTube unviewable there – but walked out with some new ideas on how to work around it. And I'll take those back to the office on Monday.

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