Gated and Waiting

Tarps cover the vendor's wares.

Tarps cover the vendor's wares.

September 13, 2015

Yuan's sorting her way through setting herself up in my apartment while I'm away. She's been texting me intermittently for the past hour, during which I've been patiently waiting for an update as to when my now rather delayed flight will board, to get directions in navigating the nuances of my place. 

The door to your room - how do I close it?

What doorstop?

When you are inside the apt the door is already locked from outside? 

There are fruit and veggies in your fridge too can I clear them? 

Do you know that the ceiling in your living room is actually sloped?

Service workers at the general stores and kiosks are rolling down their gates and covering their carts for the night. It's almost midnight. They're done for the day.

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