Sanguine Sausage Woman

A sanguine woman, distracted by something over my shoulder to the left, presents me with a huge sausage on my arrival in Berlin
September 14, 2015

Not sure what this ad says, but I shall believe the woman in it is offering me a large piece of cured meat because that is their custom and I am totally OK with that. Danke, ma'am. Glad to be here.


Later this day, after looking up this phrase online, because a well-meaning friend offered her translation, because she believed I was truly so – and I can understand how this happens – stupid to think I was being offered sausage, I came to understand this ad as a general promotion of the region, something suggesting an attainable work-life balance here, good jobs, fun things to do. Because of sausage.

"Morgens starke Arbeitgeberin, abends Energiebündel" = "major employer morning, evening live wire" according to Google translate. There are a number of images and interesting captions in this campaign. They can be seen at

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