Floral Memorial

Floral memorial on the sidewalk on Thompkins at Myrtle
January 9, 2016

In the recent months, it wasn't evident anything significant happened on this corner. There are many corners in Bed-Stuy like this. Few get similar attention, if any. Most are unmarked.

This summer, one spot on my street had a prayer candle out for a few nights after the shooting and a NYPD flyer promising a reward for information for a day before wind blew it away. It wasn't replaced. The scene returned to be just a public sidewalk.

There weren't as many flowers out here yesterday. That a cop was shot in Philly a day before dredged memories of the two NYPD officers who died in a similar attack at this corner, Thompkins at Myrtle, last December. I think that prompted the placement of fresh bouquets. 

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