The Murder of Tony Hinton is Still Unsolved

Reward Sign for information on Tony Hinton's murder
July 26, 2016

Two years ago, they shot Tony Hinton dead on this Patchen Avenue corner on a Friday afternoon. NYPD still has no idea who they is/are. NYPD mark the anniversary by pointing this out. 

I don't know this man beyond his image on the sign.

Like last year at this time, and in the months following the incident, every light pole on the street has three $5,000 reward signs stapled together at their edges wrapped around it. After a few summer rains in the days that follow its posting, the paper becomes soggy and pulpy, the staples have less to hold together, and what remains falls to the curb to be collected when street cleaners roll through. 

Public consideration for Tony Hinton, his murder, and of his murderers, then goes away for another year.

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