Dodgeball on Clarkson

Dodgeball about to start in Manhattan

Ready, set...

Dodgeball players grabbing balls


September 7, 2016

I had assumed, after years of living in Brooklyn, everybody of a certain social-economic standing, from certain suburban places, and of an age, feeling nostalgic for pounding nerds, or resentful for being picked last ans wanting retribution now they're grown up and have successfully reinvented a self and started doing crossfit so they can like, definitely throw a ball, and hard, and catch them too, or at least take the pain from the sting of rubber against a cheek regardless of agreed-upon head safety rules, did everywhere. But the Canadians with me, from Montreal, had never seen adults play dodgeball before.

This game, surprisingly for my visitors but predictably for me, became very aggressive, very quickly.

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