Solidarity Underground, Subway Therapy: Words

"E X P R E S S Y O U R S E L F"
This one's mine. Long story, but the octopus is the undocumented woman I love.
"A double edged sword is what they are. Let standing rock show you the way"
"Mujer Boricua lesbiana persona"
"Peace in our time"
"I don't who made this but you're awesome wish to know you thanks"
"Trump supporters are humans too"
"This is a uterus. It needs protection"
November 10, 2016

Facilitated by Subway Therapy (website | instagram), these are just some of the messages left on the tiles in the corridor between the L and 123 trains under 6th Ave.

To make things more readable for folks visiting, I've separated the posts of the writing activity from the messages left behind. The other half of this series is here

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