Birthday Bathing

Bathtub with smiley bath bomb
April 8, 2017

Alex said I should take a bath because I need a bath because I deserve a bath. Baths are relaxing. 

Work has been taxing recently. Same to be said for preparing this year’s taxes. This is our first time filing taxes together. I’ve been preparing my own taxes since I move to NYC and I’ve got the general process down, especially the part where you hoarde 7 years of receipts just in case Uncle wants an audit. It’s still time consuming and I’d rather be doing other things. We’ve been filing a lot of paperwork for the marriage too. 

It was my birthday yesterday. She bought me a number of bath bombs, some serious, like a spherical lavender one, and others not, like this smiley one with a scent I can’t quite place. 

Tonight I’m following the recommendation. 

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