Beers, Conversation, Faces: Candids from an Interview with Stoya

Writer Matt Stroud and I traveled to Philadelphia to interview and observe Stoya in the wild for for the Philadelphia City Paper. After first meeting Stoya at the Exxotica expo in New Jersey, we connected again in Philadephia. After she demonstrated how they film POV scenes (she as the cameraman, me as her) in front of Geno's Steaks, we walked to Manny Brown's to talk over beers. That's where I took these candids.

Things didn't work out as planned. I didn't get the controlled cover shoot I wanted. Why? Anyone's guess. 

She is young, 21, smokes Parliament Lights, and inhales deep with every drag before blowing out, visibly young — her pale skin soft, real, not manipulated. Her features are unmarked. No makeup that you can identify. No tattoos. Holes from ear piercings, but they're unfilled. She beams with energy at every exchange and inquest, with every word. You wonder. You ask question upon question. You want to know more. And she tells you. Without hesitation. Everything on her mind. Forcefully. Streaming. Louder than you expect. More dynamic. Inflected. Strong. Kinetic.

– Matt Stroud

The full story is at…. Additional images from the EXXXOTICA convention are here.

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September 14, 2008
  • stoya in philadelphia
    Stoya leading us down a street in Philadelphia.
  • stoya in philadelphia
    In a dark bar, lit by daylight.
  • stoya in philadelphia
    This is Danny.
  • stoya in philadelphia
    Danny's back covered in scrapes and scars from nails and cigarette burns.

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