G20 - September 22, 2009 - Pregame Preparations

As I had wheels, thorough knowledge of the roadways and could deploy the Pittsburgh dialect to earn the trust of those around me, I ventured out in the city to see how we were preparing for the anticipated onslaught of anarchists.

  1. In front of the McDonald's, a guy got in the way before I could get a good angle. People are a worried about anyone with a camera here1. "Blah blah blah," he said to nobody on the other end of his Bluetooth headset.
  2. (BNY) Mellon security guards told me not to shoot the building and followed me up and down the street. I have to give them some respect as the guy did address me as "Sir."
  3. I was actually wondering what the environmental signage would be for this. It looks like the same thing used on the signs around the city, like that Welcome Center one. The design looks like it was done by a city worker under duress, with 30 people to answer to on some committee, the graphic weight of the world on their back and ~8 hours to deliver 10 concepts, all of which would initially be rejected anyway.
  4. The poor guys and gals working security tonight, they just looked bored. I have to wonder how they feel - probably hoping that nothing bad happens, but probably hoping that some shit goes down and they can go cowboy. Probably also wondering if it's really worth the $7.75 an hour.

I'm looking forward to seeing these spots tomorrow.


1 In this day and age; in this city; around this event.


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September 22, 2009
  • Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA. It seemed as though every chain shop was boarding up early, around 8pm...
  • Benneton...
  • Banana Republic...
  • ...except Apple. They were going for all the cash they could get before close.
  • Oakland: Cops converged at Soldiers and Sailors hall to do a huddle or something.
  • Blue team, go!
  • They they left to be corraled on to busses...
  • special busses...
  • and were then likely hauled downtown.
  • Another security ringer mobile.
  • These guys were confused by my presence but friendly (but not enough to drop their names when asked).
  • The new arena building seems really exposed, a likely candidate for projectile attacks.
  • T•Mobile posts their sign in black and gold, as though it were lamb's blood on the door.
  • Something about this bulldozer in front of McDonalds wants to make a statement, or something.
  • They have bike parking in there (usually). I (usually) park my bike there.
  • There's too much easy irony in the Welcome Center being fenced off so let's let that be.
  • I continued around downtown.
  • The streets revealed they were more empty...
  • more depressing than usual.
  • All alone. No cars. No people. All of this could be mine.
  • (BNY) Mellon security guards told me not to shoot the building...
  • ...and followed me up and down the street.
  • Although I can appreciate it...
  • ...courtesty alone wasn't going to stop me.
  • Ahhh, the lens is all foghat.
  • Protestors singing Gogol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple", terribly, which didn't seem to make much sense as a rallying song.
  • I'm not sure those guys were even protesting anything. Like me, they're taking an opportunity to play in this sandbox.
  • How surprising: more empty and desolate streets as I viewed from the North Side.
  • But now with bridges!
  • Pretty bridges.
  • And this one other guy walking around.
  • The quiet skyline.
  • Oh, how pretty!
  • Really. The David L. Lawrence convention center all lit up at night is a beautiful scene.
  • Let's get a little closer.
  • Looks like the party hasn't started yet.
  • But they're decorating.

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