G20 - September 24, 2009 - The Battle of Lawrenceville

I live to the right of the Thunderbird, above Pratique. This is my neighborhood. An unsanctioned, un-permitted protest is scheduled to happen here today, at 1pm in Arsenal park. Aresenal Park is a block away on 40th Street

These initially appeared as a blog on the previous build of this site. Because I think what I wrote was hilarious, I've kept it up right here.

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September 23, 2009
  • All was quiet at home.
  • All was quiet at Wendy's.
  • All was quiet at Arsenal Park.
  • But a little activity stirred on the opposite side of the park.
  • I scream, you scream, we're all outraged about something. Billy arrived early knowing we'd be glad to cool off.
  • This PETA guy showed up.
  • And engaged the locals.
  • While the local media tried to engage the nation.
  • At the top of 39th street, all was quiet.
  • The old tennis courts were quiet.
  • Butler Street was quiet.
  • Shops maintained composure, keeping displays and products in the streets.
  • Blighted urban spaces remained quietly blighted.
  • A few folks began to set up as if a parade was coming.
  • They laid claim with their chairs and prepared for the party.
  • The old dude selling flowers didn't stop.
  • I doubt he was thinking about anything beyond a Baconator.
  • I could sense the air turning a sweet, musky, garlicky smell.
  • And that's when the party bus showed up...
  • ready to stop the party.
  • But only after getting their choice of any size soda for 99¢.

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