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Sardines in the tin.

Cramped M Train

Tuesday, March 22 2016

A morning rush compounded by delays on the J/M line means malcontent commuters standing cheek to cheek in the cars.

Commuters sharing secrets on J Train in Brooklyn Bed-Stuy

Commuters Communicating, Secrets and Sleep

Monday, March 14 2016

Observed this morning on a Manhattan bound J express train.

Considering the octopus on Arthur Ave market in the bronx

Going Out for Italian

Saturday, February 13 2016

Alessandra longed for real Italian food.

Lyricist at work

Lyricist Lounging

Wednesday, February 3 2016

"Just tryin' to write some lyrics," he said.

woman walking snow-covered coney island beach

Coney Island Novelty

Sunday, January 31 2016

Alessandra had never seen snow on a beach before.

A view of my apartment after Jonas departed.

Winter Storm Jonas: Before & After

Sunday, January 24 2016