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Frozen-over can of Budweiser at base of Berry St. stoop

Bud Can Frozen Overflow

Friday, December 16 2016

Frost-brew stuntin' to catastrophe.

Security guard on Battery Park Esplenade

Who does the Watchman TXT?

Wednesday, December 7 2016

A security guard at the Battery Park Marina makes a phone call and does some texting on both sides of the fence. 

Union Squaring Off

Thursday, November 10 2016

Some sort of mass one-on-one debating thing was happening in Union Square on Thursday night.

"This is a uterus. It needs protection"

Solidarity Underground, Subway Therapy: Words

Thursday, November 10 2016

Facilitated by Subway Therapy, these are just some of the messages left on the tiles in the corridor between the L and 123 trains under 6th Ave.


Solidarity Underground, Subway Therapy: Actions

Thursday, November 10 2016

In the corridor under 6th and 7th adventures, between the L train and 123 trains, people are grieving, sharing, and contemplating the results of the election.

A mariachi band performed as close to Trump Tower as the NYPD would let them.

Election Night in NYC

Tuesday, November 8 2016

I pedaled from Cobble Hill to Midtown, through Times Square and back into Bed-Stuy.