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Box truck near pepper carnage.

Popped Peck of Peppers on Pavement

Friday, February 24 2017

Observered on Gates Ave at Broadway in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. 

A seagull contemplates consumption of Corn Flakes scattered in the street

Bird to Bird, Beak to Flake

Sunday, January 22 2017

This one particular seagull was more contemplative than the others. Was it joy at the bounty? Did it recognize the rooster on the Corn Flakes box?

Frozen-over can of Budweiser at base of Berry St. stoop

Bud Can Frozen Overflow

Friday, December 16 2016

Frost-brew stuntin' to catastrophe.

Security guard on Battery Park Esplenade

Who does the Watchman TXT?

Wednesday, December 7 2016

A security guard at the Battery Park Marina makes a phone call and does some texting on both sides of the fence. 

Union Squaring Off

Thursday, November 10 2016

Some sort of mass one-on-one debating thing was happening in Union Square on Thursday night.

"This is a uterus. It needs protection"

Solidarity Underground, Subway Therapy: Words

Thursday, November 10 2016

Facilitated by Subway Therapy, these are just some of the messages left on the tiles in the corridor between the L and 123 trains under 6th Ave.