Juno in NYC, Day 1 - The View from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

A handful of people walking on Gates Ave. A woman stepping through the snow. The neighborhood streets are nearly empty, nearly everywhere. Corner stores and their customers still carry on with business as usual. All is quiet on Gates Avenue. The drive-through at McDonald's is unused. McDonald's, usually open late, has closed early. Trains of empty subway cars run to keep debris from accumulating on the tracks. j train passing overhead gate open in snow bed-stuy juno lumpy snowman stands in the Reinaldo Salgado Playground People walk in the street at the intersection outside my apartment.

The snow has been coming down, much like they said it would, except there's not as much of it as they said there'd be. It's not a blizzard. I'm not even sure if it's a snowstorm. It's just some snow, nothing much different than snow we've all seen before. Maybe it's supposed to come overnight?

I'm hoping for a heap that keeps me trapped in the apartment for at least the next three days. I could go for that. I have so much to eat, so many things to do here. The apartment would be so shiny by the end of the internment after I decided I had to clean every corner. Or so filthy, once I lost my mind and just started throwing trash on the floor. 

Bed-Stuy is sloppy and quiet. People were walking in the streets since they were cleaner than the sidewalks and carfew began at 11pm. The few people I slushed past in the streets tonight were chatty, not eye-averting and silent like usual. "How you doing?" most asked. "Nice camera," a few said.