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Tuesday, July 14 2015

Heartfelt Illustration of a Wishing Well on a Wall in Manhattan


This is part of a mural on the side of a school around Hudson Square, in Manhattan. 

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Thursday, April 30 2015

Observing Leslie Allison's Bath Piece at the Room and Board Salon

Leslie Allison's Bath Piece at the Room and Board Salon #4

I'm observing Leslie Allison's Bath Piece at the Room and Board Salon #4

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Monday, April 6 2015

A Short-lived Ed Snowden Statue in Fort Greene Park

The Snowden statue story was a bust. By 1pm, all that was left for reporters to cover was an empty pedestal and scattered, departing detectives.

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Saturday, March 14 2015

While I'll be Looking East from Byzantium, They'll be Looking Down at Their Phones

Museum patrons staring at smartphones

I had been wandering through the Met museum to two hours before going to a concert.

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Tuesday, February 3 2015

Quincy Snow Cave

snow shelter brooklyn bed-stuy

It's unclear to me if this was done ironically, by one of the arty kids living in the neighborhood, or essentially, by one of the homeless folks living in the neighborhood. 

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Monday, June 2 2014

Sugimoto's Dioramas Book from Lucy

MURICA is acceptable for addresses

Lucy, who dreams of getting a FUCK YEAH, AMERICA tattoo on her arm, sent me a gift. Her gallery had work from Sugimoto on display and, as part of the deal, books of the photographer's work as well. She sent and I received the Dioramas book.  

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Monday, May 19 2014

Andres Serrano Solves Homelessness with New Work

andres serrano residents of new york west 4th street

On my way out of the W4th Street Station, I saw fresh posters being hung in the corridor leading to the exit. I'd read about this last week. It's the Andres Serrano homeless people portrait project.

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Saturday, November 9 2013

Celebration of Self and/or that KAWS show at Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea

Posing in front of KAWS at Mary Boone

I stopped by to see the KAWS show at Mary Boone and to give a shout (and onigiri from Ashbox) to Lucy. For as long as I stood in the space it seemed nobody was actually looking at the work before they posed in front of it for posterity and Instagrams. Dozens of people came and did this.

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Monday, May 27 2013

Visiting Storm King with the Lin-Newman Wedding Planning Committee

storm king map reading

I took the wedding committee, Lucy, the planner, Ben, the officiant, and George, the other guy, to Storm King Art Center on the way back from the wedding in Albany. As I had a car filled with ID-carrying art industry employees, our visit was free. And we got to skip the line to the parking lot.

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Sunday, November 18 2012

My Tourist Photos from Storm King Art Center

You should go to Storm King. It's an hour outside of Manhattan by car. Just tell me when you want to go, I'll drive. I will sit and stare at Maya Lin's Wavefield while you tour the place. Sitting and staring at those undulating hills makes me so happy.

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Tuesday, May 8 2012

At Frieze NYC


  • The view of a gallerist's whale tail.
  • The experience of taking a piss next to a ambivalent cleaning woman while she was tidying up the men's room.

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Sunday, March 11 2012

Seen at Armory Show 2012

This work from Ivan Navarro was my favorite at the Armory show. It's a 2011 piece titled "eco 1 (cherry)". Materials listed in the work are neon light, bass drum, mirror, one-way mirror and electric energy.

I like words that have two sides, one very ambiguous and one very objective. it’s interesting to get better in the language and try to understand the poetic side of a word. sometimes you get completely lost in the word you’re using.

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Saturday, March 10 2012

Anthropomorphic Brick at East River State Park

There's something very angry about this figure's face. There's also something tugging on my sympathy. It's this figure's figure, I think, all skinny and broken up.

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Saturday, February 18 2012

Drone Activity in the Valley of the Condos, Williamsburg.

drone activity sign

A few weeks ago I'd read about an Army veteran and photographer who'd been putting up signage from the NYPD that, while fake, was ominous and yet highly plausible. Whoever is putting these up is brilliant. The "Authorized Drone Strike Zone 8am-8pm" shown here is even more hilarious and scarier.

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Wednesday, February 15 2012

Phil Collins Day 2012: The Confessional

Outside 60 Freeman St, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

"You look a little like Phil Collins," the 20-something girl behind the table said. "The blue eyes..."

I don't doubt that being raised on prog rock, listening to years of prog rock, has shaped me. I thought it was more internalized, more hidden, but perhaps it extends to my appearance as well. I wouldn't disagree that Phil and I both share the blessing of having a perfectly spherical head.

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