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Thursday, April 30 2015

Observing Leslie Allison's Bath Piece at the Room and Board Salon

Leslie Allison's Bath Piece at the Room and Board Salon #4

I'm observing Leslie Allison's Bath Piece at the Room and Board Salon #4

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Tuesday, June 24 2014

An Event Close to Home

Host Spraying Guest with Undisclosed Pheromones

The invite sent to guest was so: 

Dear friends,

Please join us this Tuesday, June 24, at 7pm, for the inaugural salon in an upcoming series at my home in Williamsburg. Our first artist-in-residence here at Room & Board, Daniel Fishkin, and I have planned an evening of performances and events, including several New York premieres. The salon centers around OKCupid and the themes, rituals, and revelations of online dating.

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Friday, December 7 2012

Test for FRIENDShoot 2012

I'm in Pittsburgh for a private event shoot tomorrow night. The guests have been instructed to wear longjohns and bring a pillow. That's all the hosts are telling them so that's all I'll divulge here. I met with Nathan, one of the hosts, to discuss the gameplan and aesthetics for the night.

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Wednesday, February 15 2012

Phil Collins Day 2012: The Confessional

Outside 60 Freeman St, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

"You look a little like Phil Collins," the 20-something girl behind the table said. "The blue eyes..."

I don't doubt that being raised on prog rock, listening to years of prog rock, has shaped me. I thought it was more internalized, more hidden, but perhaps it extends to my appearance as well. I wouldn't disagree that Phil and I both share the blessing of having a perfectly spherical head.

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Saturday, May 14 2011

Slideluck Potshow

slideluck potshow brooklyn

The slideshow was curated by Whitney Johnson, Director of Photography for The New Yorker, and the theme is UPHEAVAL


I made Polski Maki for sharing. Most of it didn't make it to the table, a bunch of savages snatched the sushi right off my wax-paper wrapped cardboard plate. 

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