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Friday, March 17 2017

Sights in Midtown on St. Patrick's Day (Observed)

A bro contemplates his oneness with the universe

I forgot this was the day of the spiritual quest to become blackout drunk to honor a long-dead Irish snake charmer and that the pilgrims convened in this area. 

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Thursday, July 4 2013

Watching the Fireworks, Watching the Neighbors.

I scaled a ladder to the roof of my apartment to see the show.

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Friday, February 15 2013

Valentine's Day

I hit the gym. I did laundry. I went out for drinks with Karen, the first gal I dated in NYC, now one of my better friends. We swapped dating combat stories and ate grilled cheese.

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Tuesday, December 25 2012

Christmas 2012

old man flannel tie

As per the new tradition, Aunt Pat cooked breakfast and I made dinner. We were never strongly religious in my immediate family but we still perform our American duty for Christmas day.

It's very different than what I recall as a kid. The grandparents are very old now. Grandma's Alzheimers has become pronounced. 

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Saturday, January 7 2012

Mulch Madness 2012 in McCarren Park

trees mccarren park wood chipper christmas

Few things illustrate our tendency to consume without regard for consequece like the piles of dried-up Christmas trees dropped off at the parks around New York City.

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