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Thursday, October 30 2014

Bartering is Easy as Pie (for Photographs)

woman presenting a pie in an apartment

Jane posted an insane ad on Craigslist a while ago. The ad said she was trying to get an interior design business going, needed to develop a portfolio, but couldn't afford to hire a photographer to shoot her work. She could however offer barter, like making pillows, sewing curtains, or baking pies. I really like pie, so I wrote to Jane.

Earlier this evening, I shot an apartment space Jane designed and she presented me with a freshly baked, still warm, apple pie. I love NYC for moments of weirdness like this.

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Sunday, October 26 2014

Exit: Music or The Available Known Works of Philip Glass for Which There Were Manuscripts Have Been Scanned and I Am Now Out Of Work

dunvagen archiving workstation

I started this gig in 2010. 

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Friday, August 15 2014

40 New York City Realtors, A Chimera.

Rainbow overlay of realtors

My 40 subjects' hair is laid like a technicolor monstrosity.

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Tuesday, June 24 2014

An Event Close to Home

Host Spraying Guest with Undisclosed Pheromones

The invite sent to guest was so: 

Dear friends,

Please join us this Tuesday, June 24, at 7pm, for the inaugural salon in an upcoming series at my home in Williamsburg. Our first artist-in-residence here at Room & Board, Daniel Fishkin, and I have planned an evening of performances and events, including several New York premieres. The salon centers around OKCupid and the themes, rituals, and revelations of online dating.

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Thursday, April 10 2014

Prepping Hannah for Jack Germain

We're shooting Jack Germain's entire line of 38 handbags tonight. We've started at 7:30pm, after what's already been a long day's work for each of us. But we'll be extremely productive because everybody here tonight is extremely good at their craft. Morgan Gates is on makeup and hair, Chelsa Crowley is styling, and Jack is calling the shots I take of Hannah, the model. 

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Thursday, December 20 2012

While Shooting Jack Germain's Spring 2013 Collection

Jack and I just finished shooting her Spring collection for 2013. Working together was entertaining as usual. 

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Saturday, April 30 2011

Downtime on the Spinback Shoot.

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Thursday, April 28 2011

Location Scouting for Cash Fur Gold

outside the goldman sachs building in financial district

Cash Fur Gold is looking to utilize a background from another era in their press photos. Something gilded, vintage, reeking of money. I went walking around the Financial District at Midnight to see what I could see.

Mostly it was men in button-downs drinking Guinness, knocking back pints of Guinness and pissing in the ornamental shrubbery outside the Irish bars - reliving their highlight reel from the fraternity days, I guess. I saw enough of that in college so it didn't warrant any snapshots tonight.

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Tuesday, October 19 2010

Preliminary editing with Jack Germain

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Monday, October 26 2009

Setup for the Maureen Budway shoot.

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