Regarding Laundry

Wednesday, November 4 2015

Doing Laundry

Waiting for his wash.

I am washing my shoes. He is drying his clothes. We are both waiting.

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Monday, July 20 2015

The J/Z/Laundry Line

A pink leopard print bra or bikini top on train tracks

My hat's off to whomever disrobed at the Gates Avenue station. 

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Monday, March 2 2015

A Clean Break

worker rest pile laundry bed-stuy brooklyn

As spotted when I dropped off my soiled unmentionables at the Super Clean.

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Friday, February 15 2013

Valentine's Day

I hit the gym. I did laundry. I went out for drinks with Karen, the first gal I dated in NYC, now one of my better friends. We swapped dating combat stories and ate grilled cheese.

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