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Saturday, January 28 2017

Double Density

A borrowed van packed with Alessandra's belongings

Alessandra moved in today. The van fit all that she had. 

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Monday, April 25 2016

Scratchin' and Strollin'

Scratch cards and morning strolls.

On Quincy Ave, in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

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Saturday, May 10 2014

Grandma Waits

Following the reception, Grandma waited for her ride home with the flag from Pap's casket in her lap.

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Monday, May 5 2014

Gates Ave on the J Line, My Stop Now

man train jz stop gates ave bed-stuy brooklyn

Somehow I moved to Stuyvesant Heights from Williamsburg last week. This is my new subway stop. 

I'm still trying to adjust to the commute to and from my two day gigs at Medidata and Dunvagen. My time on the train is double what it used to be.

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Wednesday, August 24 2011

Remnants of a Sidewalk Fire

Last night, after departing from a date who revealed she was actually married (but separated), I pedaled home to Bedford Ave. On North Ninth, near the intersection with Kent, there was a fire on the sidewalk. I made it to Berry before I realized I should probably put it out. The New York "whatever" that has crept into my character is a surprise to me as well. The first thought was "Eh. Ignore it." The second was "I should call the cops." The third, inevitable conclusion was "I should just take care of this myself."

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Thursday, July 22 2010


The record ends and we must begin again.

There are two words and the conditions that express and define that I've been dwelling upon recently, anamnesis and anosognosia. With that in mind, I'm purging some content and trying to learn a better way to achieve what I'd like most for this site. I don't know what the deficiencies are as of yet but I'll be working on them. I'll get back to posting after I resolve what I don't yet know can be improved. 

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Saturday, July 3 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park is Pretty Slick

brooklyn bridge park walt whitman festival july grass statue of liberty

While looking for things to do in NYC that were cool and free and on a Thursday, I found the I Do Not Doubt I Am Limitless festival in Brooklyn Bridge park.

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Saturday, June 5 2010

Seneca Lake, Departure

Ithaca and the surrounding communities are country life for the wealthy. I am fully aware that my life at the lakeside was one of luxury and privilege.

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Thursday, June 3 2010

Seneca Lake, June 3, 2010

I don't understand what the appeal is but a few bees spent more than an hour buzzing around my right Keen sandal, sucking the devil-knows-what out of it.

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Thursday, June 3 2010

Seneca Lake, June 2, 2010

At 11:59pm, after tracking the last of the beats for the Songo track, code-named Calliope until something better comes along, I decided to call it quits.

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Wednesday, June 2 2010

Seneca Lake, June 2, 2010

I would keep going if I could.

I tried.

And here, at the end of all things, I took a last dip in the water, now a comfortable 62 degrees. About halfway through the month it was 52 degrees and I can only guess how low it was when I first jumped in.

I will miss this state of being. I do not know if I will miss this particular place since it belongs to someone else, and there are so many other places like it that I want to explore now. I hope that I can do this again.

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Tuesday, June 1 2010

Seneca Lake, June 1, 2010

Paying attention to how your trash piles up is quite an educational experience. Being so far out in the country made pick-up a challenge and I found myself frequently being educated.

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Monday, May 31 2010

Seneca Lake, May 31, 2010

Fred came back to pick up his piano today. The low F string, broken before the piano ever arrived at our lakeside location, never recovered.

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Sunday, May 30 2010

Seneca Lake, May 30, 2010

We did some preliminary cleaning this morning. Many bugs were swept up, much lingering dog hair from the owners amassed, and garbage and recyclables collected and prepared for carrying to the city.

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Saturday, May 29 2010

Seneca Lake, May 29, 2010 - Morning

Somewhere between zen, childhood and madness, I've become quite good at skipping stones.

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