Regarding Lights

Wednesday, October 28 2015

Endlessly Raining, Like, All Day

Rain on the window, focal point on the screen

The sound of rain makes for solid sleeping, steady slumber. Both I need sorely.

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Friday, October 9 2015


Visibility is at 100% into this Bed-Stuy Brownstone

An open window, a lack of drapes or blinds in the windows, usually indicates that the people living in the space viewed through the windows are new to it. It says their things are yet unpacked, their priority is not privacy.

I slice up garbage bags along the seams to double their spread, and tape them to the windows. I don't know how people sleep with a streetlight shining on the bed.

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Sunday, August 3 2014

Nightcrawling in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, on a Sunday

Laundromat storefront at night

The birthday festivities over, my parents have gone to a hotel near the hospital to prepare for Dad's early morning surgery.

My way to process things was to take a night drive in and through and out of the city. And while there, wander quiet, empty Pittsburgh streets with a camera.

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Sunday, June 29 2014

SH T sign at Posh Tomato

posh tomato sign brooklyn red hook

After I left Sonny's, I noticed this sign across the street from where I'd parked my car. Poor Posh Tomato, their sign lights are 70% burnt out, leaving them only with SH T lit. 

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Monday, January 6 2014

Bulbs and Parts: A Light Shop in Chinatown at Night

Woman working in a lighting store.

I think of a store full of lights is one of humanity's greatest achievements.

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Thursday, December 5 2013

Penn Avenue Streetscape in the Rain Lit by Incandescence

ICAG Storefront

This is the storefront of the International Children's Art Gallery on Penn Avenue in Garfield. The rain and the darkness created a beautiful scene and a technical challenge: How to shoot this without getting the gear wet and how to prevent myself from shaking (the camera) as I shivered in the cold.

Beyond that there's no story here, I just like the look of the wet, dark asphalt; warm, diffused lighting; cool, blue paint.

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Thursday, December 5 2013

Waiting in Front of the Grocery Kart in Friendship, PA

Light traffic in front of Grocery Kart

I'm experimenting with handheld long exposures on the RX100M2. I used a stop sign on my side of the street to brace myself and the camera. 

I liked the colors of the shop across the way. There are so many of them showing, from the blue-green fluorescence inside to the warm yellow on the storefront signage.

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Saturday, May 18 2013

Disco-lit Midnight Garage Sale on North 11th Street

Purple Disco Light on North 11th St

Somewhere betweeen a thrift sale and performance piece, this midnight storefront appeared to be a spirit conjured from early-to-mid 2000's vanguard artist-inhabited Williamsburg. Was I hallucinating? Was I having an authentic experience?

I'd been pedaling home after a run in McCarren Park when slowly changing disco lights caught my eye. A garage sale around midnight on a Friday is curious enough an affair without disco lights. As it was too bizarre to avoid, I stopped to learn more.

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Sunday, June 26 2011

Better To Have Beer Than Nothing At All

beer distributor night ingomar pittsburgh mccandless pennsylvania bleak outlook

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Sunday, December 14 2008

Merry Christmas from Johnstown, PA

On the way back from the shoots of the River City Brass Band and Sandy Vale Cemetary restoration efforts for The Sprout Fund, I saw this house lit by the dim amber streetlights and Christmas decorations in the front yard. As empty and forgotten as Johnstown has become the efforts to be festive at Christmas persist.

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Saturday, April 12 2008

The Ceiling Lamp in the Kitchen

kitchen lamp

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Sunday, June 24 2007

Looking Through my Dirty Sunroof at a Parking Lot Lamp

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Thursday, February 8 2007

Driving through Butler County, PA

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