Regarding Midtown

Friday, March 17 2017

Sights in Midtown on St. Patrick's Day (Observed)

A bro contemplates his oneness with the universe

I forgot this was the day of the spiritual quest to become blackout drunk to honor a long-dead Irish snake charmer and that the pilgrims convened in this area. 

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Thursday, August 11 2016

Chillin in Midtown in the Heatwave

Young man kicking back in construction site office

I was pedaling east on on a Citibike after dropping off a lens for repair at Photo Tech. I spotted a young man in a construction job site office, potentially supervising it and poorly, kicking back in his chair with his feet up on the walls. Wanting that shot of labor at leisure on another hot day in a very hot week, but not wanting to cause a scene, I kept pedaling. I took the bike down 36th, down 8th Ave, back 35th, up 9th, and down 36th again.

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