Regarding Night

Thursday, November 10 2016

Union Squaring Off

Some sort of mass one-on-one debating thing was happening in Union Square on Thursday night.

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Friday, May 27 2016

Creepin' at the Superclean

Woman with IKEA laundry bag

I meant no harm but am aware I caused discomfort.

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Saturday, January 9 2016

Floral Memorial

Floral memorial on the sidewalk on Thompkins at Myrtle

In the recent months, it wasn't evident anything significant happened on this corner. There are many corners in Bed-Stuy like this. Few get similar attention, if any. Most are unmarked.

This summer, one spot on my street had a prayer candle out for a few nights after the shooting and a NYPD flyer promising a reward for information for a day before wind blew it away. It wasn't replaced. The scene returned to be just a public sidewalk.

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Thursday, January 7 2016

Divergence in Drapery Decisions

Neighbors in the night on Quincy Ave. in Bed-Stuy.

It's easier to peer into a life being lived inside when the lights are on and drapes are drawn.

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Monday, November 2 2015

Seven AM to Seven PM

An expert tailoring or alteration underway at Rodriguez Cleaners

The tailor is in.

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Thursday, August 6 2015

Arrival at PIT

Stillness and silence at 10pm.

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Saturday, July 18 2015

The NYPD in Pursuit of Asa Robert

NYPD on Madison, viewed from across the park on Monroe

When I stepped out from the gym at 8pm, I saw an NYPD surveillance helicopter hovering over the neighborhood.

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Tuesday, March 24 2015

Emergent Artisinal Flavors 2015: Seafood Ice Cream

neon sign fried chicken restaurant bed-stuy

Seafood Ice Cream is one of those emergent artisanal flavors forecasted for trending in Spring 2015, right?

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Monday, August 4 2014

Hitting the Road, But After Practicing Rudimentary and Stupid Photography

long exposure composite roadside construction zone trailing lights

After dinner with Ma at Lulu's, where our waitress recognized me as a regular from my college days, and sorting through the client tasks that amassed while I was preoccupied with Life Itself, I began the drive back to NYC.

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Sunday, August 3 2014

Nightcrawling in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, on a Sunday

Laundromat storefront at night

The birthday festivities over, my parents have gone to a hotel near the hospital to prepare for Dad's early morning surgery.

My way to process things was to take a night drive in and through and out of the city. And while there, wander quiet, empty Pittsburgh streets with a camera.

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Sunday, June 29 2014

SH T sign at Posh Tomato

posh tomato sign brooklyn red hook

After I left Sonny's, I noticed this sign across the street from where I'd parked my car. Poor Posh Tomato, their sign lights are 70% burnt out, leaving them only with SH T lit. 

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Sunday, June 29 2014

Considering David Alan Harvey at Sonny's

couple embracing in bar entryway

A friend and her boo were hanging at Sonny's bar. I dropped in to have a beer and unwind. 

As I sat at our table, I kept thinking about the Instagram photos I've been seeing from David Alan Harvey. He's a photographer who lives down this way, I think, at least as far as I can tell from the images he posts from his workspace

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Saturday, June 21 2014

Downtown Brooklyn Street

I'm on Swoomer's rooftop somewhere around 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. 

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Tuesday, June 10 2014

Sprouted Locks

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Monday, May 26 2014

New Neighbors at Night

brooklyn bed-stuy apartment building night lights

There are far fewer people on the streets here in Bed-Stuy than there were in Williamsburg. What people there are on the streets at this hour aren't on their way to a destination. They're seated and stationary, their activity extending to holding group conversations on stoops or in unfolded folding chairs near the entrances of their buildings. I'm on a folding chair on my roof. I purchased two of them from Ikea recently, along with a folding table. 

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