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Friday, June 9 2017

Friday Night, Bedford Ave

Man on curb, drunk, and leering.

Whatever Williamsburg ever was, it's a white man, middle-aged, on Bedford Avenue, sitting on the curb, slobbering on an unlit cigar, in front of an Equinox, drunk, and leering, now.

He was lifted up and carried off by a woman, big shopping bag in hand, who came out of the Duane Reade, who I’d guess was his wife.

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Monday, April 3 2017


A worker rests on a rooftop in the sun passing between two highrises

While his coworkers labored elsewhere on the rooftop, this man sat and reclined in the sunlight that passed between the nearby highrises.

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Tuesday, January 10 2017

Canal Street Sitters

Men on a bench waiting for the train at Canal Street

Observed while I waited for the Brooklyn bound A train. 

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Friday, December 16 2016

Bud Can Frozen Overflow

Frozen-over can of Budweiser at base of Berry St. stoop

Frost-brew stuntin' to catastrophe.

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Thursday, November 10 2016

Union Squaring Off

Some sort of mass one-on-one debating thing was happening in Union Square on Thursday night.

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Thursday, November 10 2016

Solidarity Underground, Subway Therapy: Actions

In the corridor under 6th and 7th adventures, between the L train and 123 trains, people are grieving, sharing, and contemplating the results of the election. Some are stopping to read, others to talk to and console one another.

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Tuesday, November 8 2016

Election Night in NYC

I did. Earlier this morning.

I pedaled from Cobble Hill to Midtown, through Times Square and back into Bed-Stuy.

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Friday, September 23 2016

Caaaaane Batter, Batter, Batter. Swing!

Man practicing batting swing with walking cane.

A man, using a walking cane, practices a batting swing like no one's watching.

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Wednesday, September 7 2016

Dodgeball on Clarkson

Dodgeball about to start in Manhattan

I had assumed, after years of living in Brooklyn, everybody of a certain social-economic standing, from certain suburban places, and of an age, feeling nostalgic for pounding nerds, or resentful for being picked last ans wanting retribution now they're grown up and have successfully reinvented a self and started doing crossfit so they can like, definitely throw a ball, and hard, and catch them too, or at least take the pain from the sting of rubber against a cheek regardless of agreed-upon head safety rules, did everywhere. But the Canadians with

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Monday, August 15 2016

An H Wouldn't Add Anything


A vandal left advice on a bench at Marcy Ave's JMZ stop.

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Thursday, August 11 2016

Chillin in Midtown in the Heatwave

Young man kicking back in construction site office

I was pedaling east on on a Citibike after dropping off a lens for repair at Photo Tech. I spotted a young man in a construction job site office, potentially supervising it and poorly, kicking back in his chair with his feet up on the walls. Wanting that shot of labor at leisure on another hot day in a very hot week, but not wanting to cause a scene, I kept pedaling. I took the bike down 36th, down 8th Ave, back 35th, up 9th, and down 36th again.

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Saturday, July 23 2016

Heatwave (Williamsburg, Lorimer at at Throop)

Woman in electric wheelchair with shade umbrella

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Thursday, July 21 2016

Church Steps Sitter

Young woman on the phone seated at the foot of the Lord

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Monday, April 25 2016

Scratchin' and Strollin'

Scratch cards and morning strolls.

On Quincy Ave, in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

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Tuesday, April 19 2016

Broom Battle in Greenwich Village

Two kids wrestle for control of a broom in Greenwich Village.

There you go, welcome Moshiach with an act of Goodness and Kindness.

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