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Monday, August 4 2014

Hitting the Road, But After Practicing Rudimentary and Stupid Photography

long exposure composite roadside construction zone trailing lights

After dinner with Ma at Lulu's, where our waitress recognized me as a regular from my college days, and sorting through the client tasks that amassed while I was preoccupied with Life Itself, I began the drive back to NYC.

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Sunday, August 3 2014

Pop's Vox for Posterity

man prepares to make audio recording

At my mom's suggestion, I'm recording the sound of my Dad's voice for posterity. As an ever-dutiful archivist, I rolled video too.

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Monday, March 10 2014

Route 28 is a Toll-free Road, Change Is Not Necessary.

cadet lounge pennsylvania statue

The Oddi photography job complete and my family visited, I'm on my way back to NYC, driving Route 28 to 80. The weather's clear, I'm in no rush, and, well, it's been a while since I've taken ol' scenic 28. I like that there are winding stretches and that I can drive fast on them. I appreciate the excitement of those streches because, no matter how many podcasts I try to have a conversation with, this drive gets boring after a few hundred miles on Route 80.

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Friday, March 7 2014

Sheetz Paint

On my way in for an MTO, I noticed the paint used to mark parking spaces in the lot of the Sheetz in Carlisle, PA has shattered and crumbled from weather and wear.

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Thursday, November 28 2013

Ingomar for Thanksgiving

supermarket gloom pittsburgh

I left New York City at 8am today. I'm now back in Pittsburgh, back in Ingomar. In a few minutes I'll be back at my parents' place and in a few minutes after that, to my Aunt's for turkey and disagreements about politics, religion, and the importance of sports.

I couldn't pass the Kuhn's on my old street without taking a photo. The light from the sign, the dark, overcast clouds, and the bare asphalt of the parking lot said too much for me to ignore.

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Wednesday, May 15 2013

Asian Garden Now Open for Business

As I exited the turnpike into Carlislie, Pennsylvania, I saw red spray painted scrawls heralding the opening of Asian Garden, an evidently Asian restaurant.

The restaurant sits adjacent to a still-abandonded gas station. It's not easy to distinguish which is open and which is not. Perhaps in an effort to clarify, a white plywood sign angled "ASIAN GARDEN OPEN" toward the exit ramp. Two walls at the rear of the building carried the same message.

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Sunday, December 9 2012

Rural Ruins-crusing along Route 79 at Route 228 near Route 19: Interiors.

ruins porn cranberry butler pennsylvania

This is the inside of the house I saw from the side of Route 79. It smelled of mold and mud.

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Sunday, December 9 2012

Rural Ruins-crusing along Route 79 at Route 228 near Route 19: The Field

I saw a cluster of small houses falling apart in the middle of a muddy, clear-cut field. This is near the intersections of routes 228 and 79. I parked the car nearby. From there I walked from one end of the field to the other across the open space to take a personal, private tour of one of those houses.

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Friday, August 24 2012

Back at that Turnpike Rest Stop Again.

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Sunday, August 19 2012

Benches at Wendy's

bench woodchips wendys

I like the idea that, if I wanted to, and had the time, and the energy to walk outside of the restaurant, I could sit on a bench in front of Wendy's and watch turnpike traffic fly by.

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Wednesday, December 14 2011

DAT Board.

At first I thought this was written in an American accent, the T dropped to a D. I thought the socket - labeled in all capital letters - was pointing to "that board." Then the screen changed. Nope, dat board is actually that DAT Board.

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Sunday, September 18 2011

Two Abandoned Gas Stations along Route 80 near Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

I'm right about here on the map. From the highway it's pretty clear that two gas stations sit in dilapidation right off the exit. I've felt obligated to stop and take a look for a while but always skipped it – there was always a lack of time or light.

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Saturday, August 27 2011

Trailer at Night on Route 28.

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Tuesday, June 21 2011

Bleeding Edge Technology at a Wendy's, at a Route 81 Truck Stop.

wendys technology hamburgers phones data ethernet cable jack

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Sunday, November 28 2010

Pap's Old Toy Trucks

Pap's been looking to get rid of a box of toy trucks with the hope that some of them might be valuable if sold on eBay. I'm doubtful he'd get much based on the types of toys they are and the condition they're in, but as due dilligence, I took photos so we could check. 

I used to play with these trucks when I was a kid. I have no specific memories of doing so, just blurry recollections. The act of getting rid of them still feels unpleasant.

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